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Official Press Release 2007  


MUSKEGON, Mich., April 26, 2007
The fourth annual 2007 Brunswick Euro Challenge (BEC) proved to be an exciting event for the spectators and the 321 bowlers who participated in the event. The tournament prize fund was $120,060, up from the 2006 prize fund of $100,000.

The event was held on March 9-18 and returned for the fourth time to Strike Bowling Center in Thessaloniki, Greece. Strike Bowling Center is a 24-lane Brunswick-equipped facility. Strike Bowling Center is equipped with Brunswick GS-X™ pinsetters that proved their reliability during major tournaments. After 5,500 games (60,500 frames) were bowled, the pinsetters only experienced six stops. “This proves that for major events, you need the best equipment you can get, and we have just this equipment,” said center owner Bill Hartofillis. “The reliability of Brunswick equipment is exceptional.”

The top winner of this year’s event was Osku Palermaa, an ambidextrous bowler from Finland. He walked away with the top prize of $21,347.00. Palermaa finished second in the 2006 Brunswick Euro Challenge.

The winner of the 2004 BEC, Britt Bröndsted of Denmark, made it to the finals using the Brunswick Fury high performance ball. Her hopes of winning a second BEC were shattered with a score of 215 against Palermaa’s impressive 268. The top four bowlers were Osku Palermaa (FIN), Britt Bröndsted (DNK), Jouni Helminen (FIN), and Pasi Uotila (FIN). Bröndsted was also the top woman scorer with 1,406 pins.

Five perfect games were bowled during the tournament, partly due to the excellent lane conditions by the Authority22™ lane maintenance system provided by Brunswick. A prize fund of €500 (667.2 USD) was given to each individual who had a 300 game. This included Tim Mack (USA), Shaun Ng (Singapore), Osku Palermaa (FIN), Nikolay Ovchinnikovs (Latvia) and Yu-Wen Lee (Singapore), who also used the new Fury ball by Brunswick.

Every year, the BEC catches the attention of more and more nationalities, increasing the number of participants. There were 110 on-line registrants after just one week. A total of 31 countries from all over the world were represented in the tournament.

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